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* Add missing Version setting in DefCore.txtHEADmasterMarkus Mittendrein2021-04-012-4/+19
* Add CrewSelection ruleMarkus Mittendrein2021-04-0122-0/+3395
* Assume succesful Activate() call in ControlDigDouble-override if the contents...Markus Mittendrein2017-05-181-1/+2
* Avoid strange behaviour if calling the ControlDigDouble override multiple tim...Markus Mittendrein2017-05-181-2/+6
* Improve compatibility of Line pickup with Clonk Mars (Use LineKitID callback)Markus Mittendrein2017-05-181-2/+7
* Avoid multiple calls to the ControlDigDouble overload to maintain correct pre...Markus Mittendrein2017-01-021-4/+4
* UpdateMittendrein Markus2016-12-141-6/+20
* InitialMittendrein Markus2016-05-1711-0/+674