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* Update submodulesHEADmasterMarkus Mittendrein2020-09-104-0/+0
* Update submodulesMarkus Mittendrein2019-08-013-0/+0
* Preprocessor fix; Luckily only affects a comment hereMarkus Mittendrein2019-07-301-0/+0
* DTScopedVars: Add MapVarMarkus Mittendrein2019-07-301-0/+0
* DTUtility: Add Extend, InitMap and Serialize-implementation for mapsMarkus Mittendrein2019-07-309-0/+0
* Change FormatN to use a map instead of two arrays to specify what to fill inMarkus Mittendrein2019-07-309-0/+0
* Replace arr[GetLength(arr)] with arr[]Markus Mittendrein2019-07-296-0/+0
* Use string[i] instead of GetChar(string, i) where appropriateMarkus Mittendrein2019-07-291-0/+0
* Use operators .. and ..= instead of Format where appropriateMarkus Mittendrein2019-07-295-0/+0
* Replace ArrayAppend(arr, value) with arr[] = valueMarkus Mittendrein2019-07-296-0/+0
* Updatepre_LC_334Markus Mittendrein2019-07-296-0/+0
* InitialMarkus Mittendrein2017-01-0511-0/+71